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La immunologia brilla en l’època fosca de la pandèmia COVID-19.


Immunology has illuminated the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic — but what has been the impact of the pandemic on the immunology community?

You need dark skies to see stars, and immunologists have burned brightly in the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the start of 2020, it is unlikely that anyone with an interest in the field of immunology could have predicted that antibodies and T cells would soon dominate media headlines around the world. Yet in the past year, immunological jargon has become a staple of everyday life — members of the public freely discuss antibody tests, immunosuppressive drugs and the relative merits of the various COVID-19 vaccines that now exist. But in the eyes of the immunologists themselves, how did the COVID-19 pandemic change their scientific lives, for better or for worse?

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