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Revisió sobre les teràpies basades en receptors d’antigen quimèrics (CARs).


L’inqüestionable èxit de la immunoteràpia CAR al camp del càncer ha obert la possibilitat de la seva aplicació a altres àrees de la Medicina. Un article publicat pel grup d’immunoreceptors del sistema innat i adaptatiu de l’IDIBAPS passa revista a les seves aplicacions de present i futur a diferents patologies immuno-mediades.



Adoptive cell transfer (ACT) therapies have gained renewed interest in the field of immunotherapy following the advent of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) technology. This immunological breakthrough requires immune cell engineering with an artificial Surface protein receptor for antigen-specific recognition coupled to an intracellular protein domain for cell activating functions. CAR-based ACT has successfully solved some hematological malignancies, and it is expected that other tumors may soon benefit from this approach. However, the potential of CAR technology is such that other immune-mediated disorders are beginning to profit from it. This review will focus on CAR-based ACT therapeutic areas other than oncology such as infection, allergy, autoimmunity, transplantation, and fibrotic repair. Herein, we discuss the results and limitations of preclinical and clinical studies in that regard.


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