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Data Publicació: 09-12-2022
Referència: 14102

The Friedrich Loeffler Institute (FLI) is one of the world's leading research institutes in the field of animal diseases, animal welfare, animal husbandry, animal nutrition and farm animal genetics. It is part of the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and informs and advises the Federal Government in these areas. It consists of 12 institutes at 5 sites in Germany.

The (FLI) has state-of-the-art laboratories and experimental animal housing, including for large animals in protection levels 2-4, as well as two insectaria (BSL-2/BSL-3). The Institute of immunology has currently eight research groups with expert skills in immunology, vaccinology, cell and molecular biology and advanced cytometry. More information is available at


Scientific Director and Head of the research group Immunobiology of viral diseases

The successful candidate will be employed as Federal civil servant (Bundesbeamte/r). The employment relationship, the salary scale and the further regulations are based on the civil service regulations of the Federal Civil Service Act. The appointment is made in grade A 15 BBesO if the requirements under career law and other conditions are met.


The Institute of Immunology (IfI) conducts research on immunity to pathogens causing notifiable animal diseases and zoonoses. The post holder develops research concepts and is responsible for the establishment of a laboratory for immunobiology of viral diseases. He/she designs and implements research projects with a particular focus on host immune response to zoonotic viruses. The post holder uses systems approaches, classical experimental models and infection studies in livestock and/or wildlife for the development of prophylactic interventions. The active promotion of collegial cooperation with scientists at the IfI and FLI, acquisition of funding as well as national and international networking are also important tasks.


We are looking for a highly qualified scientist with longstanding experience in the field of immunology of infectious diseases, particularly immunity to zoonotic viruses and with documented expertise in cellular and molecular immunology or immunoregulation. In addition, we expect extensive working experience in high-containment laboratories and successful leadership of an independent working group. We anticipate proven experience in acquisition and management of research grants as well as qualifications verifiable by habilitation or equivalent scientific achievements. Non-German speaking applicants are expected to acquire and prove adequate German language skills within two years. A high level of motivation, skills in team-oriented leadership, an international network and very good communication skills are required.

See all details in:

Deadline: January 15, 2023

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Data Publicació: 09-12-2022
Referència: 14103

The Friedrich Loeffler Institute (FLI) is one of the world's leading research institutes in the field of animal diseases, animal welfare, animal husbandry, animal nutrition and farm animal genetics. It is part of the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and informs and advises the Federal Government in these areas.

The Institute of Immunology, at the headquarters in Greifswald – Insel Riems is looking for a Scientific Employee to start a soon as possible on a full-time basis. The position is limited to two years as part of a probationary leadership. After a successful evaluation, he/she will be offered a permanent position.


The successful candidate will study the immunology of B cells during infection and will build up an independent research group. Investigations should characterize B cell populations and antibody repertoires in livestock and/or wildlife by combining experimental tools and bioinformatics. Analysis of antigen specificities, BCR repertoires and antibody features should promote design of novel interventions against notifiable animal diseases and/or zoonoses. Analysis of immune responses should be explored in high containment laboratories (safety level 2 and 3).

  • Investigations on B cell responses during bacterial and/or viral infection
  • Combine experimental tools and bioinformatics to functionally analyze BCR/antibody repertoires
  • Application of state-of-the-art and high-throughput technologies to define BCR and antibody specificities (e.g. single cell/AIR sequencing, cloning, binding assays, CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing)
  • Development of an advanced serology pipeline for livestock


  • University degree in biosciences
  • PhD in immunology, infection biology or related biosciences
  • Proven expertise in B cell immunology and bioinformatics

See all details in:

Deadline: January 15, 2023

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Data Publicació: 07-12-2022
Referència: 14091

Dr. Mercedes Ricote´s lab is looking for enthusiastic and highly motivated candidates interested in developing a thesis project in her lab. This position will be funded through a FPI predoctoral fellowship linked to the project entitled: “Control transcripcional y epigenético del desarrollo de los macrófagos residentes en tejidos: papel del nicho (MacNich)” (PID2021-122552OB-I00)

Detailed information of the group can be found at:


-University and master Degree in life or biomedical sciences.

-An academic record above 7.5 (scale 1-10).

-Solid communication skills in English.

-Previous research experience in molecular biology and mouse models will be valued.

-Additional experience in genomics and/or bioinformatics analysis will be a plus (R and/or Python language).

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, CV, and academic grades by e-mail ( Please indicate the name of your master's supervisor on the CV.

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Data Publicació: 29-11-2022
Referència: 14070


The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is looking for an experienced Vaccine Immunologist to further build an internationally recognized research team on assessment of candidate vaccines and host immune response of vaccine-preventable diseases and related vaccines.

As a member of the Tenured Senior Academic Staff (Dutch: Zelfstandig Academisch Personeel, ZAP), you will contribute to the University of Antwerp’s three core tasks: research, services and education. Your role may also include organisational and managerial aspects. As a research professor, your role will consist primarily of academic research with some limited involvement in the educational programmes for a maximum of 10 years.  After a successful completion of this period you will automatically become a regular professor, with broader tasks in services and education.

See all the details of this position (and application link) in:

Deadline: 14 December 2022

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Data Publicació: 28-11-2022
Referència: 14062

OFERTA DE TREBALL A AHEAD THERAPEUTICS: "Reprogramming the immune system to halt autoimmunity"

Ahead Therapeutics has developed an innovative solution based on the use of PS-liposomes containing autoantigens. Through a biomimetic process, these liposomes can induce antigen specific immune tolerance, thereby interrupting the autoimmune reaction.

Simply by replacing the encapsulated autoantigen, Ahead’s technology can address the treatment of different autoimmune diseases: Type 1 Diabetes; Multiple Sclerosis; and Celiac Diseases, among others.

Find more information at


DOCTOR per incorporació a Ahead Therapeutics S.L.


Títol de doctor en immunologia, biomedicina, bioquímica, biotecnologia o relacionat.


-Experiència en Immunologia.

-Experiència en cultius cel·lulars, tècniques de biologia molecular i models pre-clínics.

-Títol d’experimentador animal.

-Nivell B2 o superior d’anglès.

-Carnet de conduir i disponibilitat de vehicle.

-Capacitats de treball en equip, empatia, vocació científica, comunicació i rigorositat.


-Contracte a temps complet.

-Incorporació immediata.

-Participació a les activitats científiques del grup.

-Participació i coautoria en les activitats de difusió dels projectes: presentacions i publicacions.


El candidat que s’incorpori a Ahead Therapeutics desenvoluparà les seves tasques a l’Institut Germans Trias i Pujol en el grup de recerca de la Dra. Marta Vives Pi:

Les tasques consistiran en el següent:

1. Realització de d’assajos ex-vivo amb mostres de pacients amb malalties autoimmunitàries. Aquests assajos impliquen la realització de determinacions in vitro, així com el maneig de tècniques com la citometria de flux i qPCR, i la interpretació crítica dels resultats.

2. Realització d’assajos in vivo amb models experimentals per tal d’estudiar el mecanisme d’acció dels productes en desenvolupament per part d’Ahead Therapeutics. Maneig de models pre-clínics, processament de teixits i tècniques d’immunohistoquímica, i interpretació crítica dels resultats.


Les persones interessades hauran d’enviar el seu CV i dos referències a la següent direcció de correu:

Data de termini: 15 desembre.

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Data Publicació: 24-11-2022
Referència: 14054

Please find enclosed the link for the Call for applications for 8 Doctoral (PhD) Training Positions (Multiple locations) in immunology, autoimmune disease and drug development (MSCA TOLERATE project), for your interest and for dissemination. TOLERATE training network aims at training Doctoral Candidates’ (DCs) to acquire the skills to develop different innovative strategies to treat autoimmune diseases, to identify the most promising strategies or a combination of strategies, to setup clinical trials and to develop a roadmap to bring a novel therapeutic agent to the market. 


Application deadline: 15/12/2022 00:00 - Europe/Brussels


Dra. Marta Vives-Pi, (Head of the Immunology of Diabetes Unit, Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute) is participating as Beneficiary Company from the spin-off Ahead Therapeutics S.L. (Barcelona, Spain).

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Data Publicació: 07-11-2022
Referència: 14004

Application process:

If you wish to be considered for this position, please, apply via our Recruitment Platform ( to the job post with reference 144-22.

Candidate requirements:

We invite applications from ambitious candidates with relevant research experience and passion to conduct research and innovation activities on the development of vaccines against African swine fever virus and characterization of the immune mechanisms involved in protection.

Required skills:

Teamwork, PhD supervision, Communication, Good written and spoken English, Experience in laboratory practice, Initiative, Planning and organizing.

For more information:

Send a motivation letter and your CV to: and

Deadline for application: 20/11/2022

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